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Machine Made v. Handmade Rugs

When shopping for area rugs you often find a large price difference between machine made and handmade rugs. Before making a decision it is important to understand why these construction types have such large discrepancies in price.

Hand-made rugs are knotted rugs which are apparent once you turn them over. Machine-made rugs are not actually knottted at ll. The fibers are put in place by a machine. Once these fibers are put in place they are secured by a latex backing. Machine made rug can be easily distinguished by the grid appearance on the back.

A hand-made rug which has been hand knotted which essentially means that each design is made by hand. Creating a hand made rug is very time consuming. Yet there are also many benefits of owning a hand-made rug. A hand-made rug has great rug density because of its tighter and high quality of weave.

A high quality hand- made rug can be found by looking at the back side of the rug. If the design on the back is not as same as the design on the front then it has not been tightly knotted. You should also look for the density of the knots in a given area. The more knots in a given area the better the quality of the rug. A finely woven rug will have over 180 individual knots per square inch!

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