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How to Change the Theme Of A Room

When changing the theme of a room. You don’t have to make drastic changes to change the theme of a room. Changing the color of a room doesn’t have to be absolutely necessary to change the theme. Follow these easy steps to transform your room.
  1. First you will have to decide upon which theme you would to make the change to.

  2. Once you have decided upon the theme you will have to decide upon a focal point of the theme. The focal point of the room should be an item which clearly represents the theme that you are trying to express. This can be a rug or furniture. When choosing a focal point you can make the decision of whether or not you would like to make a purchase to create the focal point. Yet preferably you will want to already possess this item.

  3. Next you will build the peripherals of the interior around this focal object. It will ensure that you do not stray from you initial design plans.

  4. Next you will have to pay focus to other fabrics materials which be used in the room. This will include curtains/blinds/drapes these should complement the focal object but also add another tint of color.

  5. The area rug within the room should work to have the colors found on the blinds as well the focal object.

  6. The minority colors found in the room should be used to provide the room with additional accents for the room.

  7. These accents should complement the additional colors which are found in the rug. You should not be afraid to use less common colors that are found in the rug for accents.

  8. The colors which are pulled from the accents will bring the entire room together.

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